Deathproof x Sailor Jerry: "Legends Never Die"

This year we decided to mark and celebrate the life and Birthday of Christopher Wallace a little differently than we have ever done or seen before.

While the work of Notorious B.I.G. is an inspiration and influence of ours here at Deathproof (hence the ”Party and Bullshit” neon and regular rotation through the SONOS speakers) it just didn’t seem right to paint over one homage to celebrate another – so we didn’t.

Instead, we decided to keep and collaborate with Sailor Jerry’s existing tribute.

I mean, it’s our bar so we can do what we want... right?

Well, that’s what I (Steen Jones) told myself before going completely mad with power and removing some of our railing to create more space to extend the mural, giving us the perfect spot for a tombstone and a full body length “photo area”.

With that done, it inspired me to go through and alter/subtly change a few bits and pieces throughout the mural, replacing the existing wording with Biggie Smalls inspired words and/or quotes to give him a stronger presence to carry the new theme throughout.

With the pieces finished, I thought I’d go mad with power (again) adding fill to the background to really change up the feel of the space and make it much more impactful – which it did perfectly.

With the wall completed, it was time to come up with a few delicious, Sailor Jerry infused, Biggie Smalls themed cocktails to keep the theme flowing before opening the doors to celebrate!

Our “Ready To Die” and “Juicy” cocktails went down a treat – and were brought back the following weekend due to popular demand, you gotta give the people what they want!

Photography: Jeremy LewisVideography: Jeremy Lewis

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