Deathproof x Young Henrys: "Wish You Were Beer"

With Deathproof’s first two activations having been carried out with some personal inspiration and meaning, I (Steen Jones) decided that our next one was going to be fun, lighthearted and for the people. Which people? I was unsure of who…

This said, I had literally no idea where to start, all I had was a bad Dad joke.

But my bad Dad joke bred an idea which morphed into a concept which finally got sketched down and planned and it was all systems go.

With myself convinced that a piss poor pun on a classic line, “wish you were here” was a good idea to kick off with - adding in some praying hands to boot - it was now time to try convince the crew and Young Henry’s gang.

Thankfully the go ahead was greenlighted quicker than expected, a much needed progression of events as I was planning on launching this in a matter of days. Four to be specific.

On date and on time, after a couple of sleep deprived, paint covered nights, the mural was complete, the fridges were full, the kegs were ready, the menu was printed, the festivities could begin and beers began flowing!

Wish You Were Beer saw a great turnout, with kegs sucked dry and wings devoured. A kickass night serving some kickass people.

Photography & Videography: Jeremy Lewis

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